Why Wait? Start Enjoying 6 Business Benefits of Unified Communications & Collaboration Today

Why Wait? Start Enjoying 6 Business Benefits of Unified Communications & Collaboration Today

Posted on: July 8, 2020

Unified Communication (UC) has become a defacto standard for business communication because it allows companies to integrate multiple communication channels – whether they happen in real-time or not – into a single platform. With UC, companies can optimize business processes and enable more efficient communication. Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) extends these efficiencies by adding collaboration tools into the mix.

UC&C tools give businesses access to the usual communication options but also integrate other business tools such as calendars, conferencing options, screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and file sharing, among other features, into a central system.

Big-time benefits

UC&C provides a host of benefits to businesses. No longer do communication tools need to be siloed and disjointed. Instead, UC&C creates a more consistent, efficient, productive, and affordable option for business communication and collaboration. Let’s explore some of the other top benefits of UC&C:

  1. Bringing greater consistency: UC&C creates cohesion across different communication platforms, so employees no longer need separate training to learn each new tool. These capabilities also create a seamless work experience for employees – working both inside and outside of the office. Users can also move freely from one tool to the next, from email to mobile to web-conferencing, and more – all without a hitch.
  2. Driving efficiencies: Delivering consistent work experiences for employees across all devices promotes a higher level of efficiency and productivity. Because UC&C tools are all managed under the same system rather than separate silos, work becomes more connected, and it’s simpler to move from one device to the next. By streamlining the user experience and providing a single sign-on to access all tools, companies also eliminate employee training time required to learn and remember different interfaces.
  3. Improving productivity: Obviously, collaboration is a central component of UC&C platforms. UC&C allows colleagues to collaborate no matter where they are or on what device they are using. These capabilities make it much easier to share ideas quickly, also allowing teams to benefit from higher-level conversations and tighter workflows. By eliminating the need to wait for teammates to respond, workforces become more productive, and organizations can achieve deliverables at a faster pace.
  4. Adding flexibility: With UC&C, tools can be accessed from anywhere and across any device, which means employees are free to do their work from where they are most productive. Whether they are traveling, working remotely, or anywhere in between, employees can stay in regular contact, collaborate, and contribute.
  5. Gaining access to additional data: Most UC&C platforms come with built-in data collection measures that gather usage statistics to make reporting easier. With this information, businesses can make adjustments to their network and make new provisions as needed based on time spent and tools used.
  6. Lowering costs: Having data on application usage can help businesses adjust their networks according to actual usage, which can help companies cut costs where inefficiencies exist. Additionally, many companies that haven’t yet made the switch to UC&C are using a variety of independent communication tools, such as one tool for conferencing, chat, and document sharing, for example. Taking this disjointed approach means that businesses are often paying for multiple applications, even when some have the same or similar functionalities. UC&C platforms reduce these redundancies and simplify management while simultaneously lowering costs.

Taking communication to the next level

UC&C changes the way businesses operate by promoting an organizational culture that is rooted in near real-time communication and collaboration. By adopting UC&C, companies can reap the benefits as they actively promote an environment that facilitates employee engagement and meaningful collaboration.

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