“What do your kids do while you’re on hold waiting for customer service during a pandemic?”

“What do your kids do while you’re on hold waiting for customer service during a pandemic?”

Posted on: March 23, 2020

Much like everyone else in America, my family and I have been getting used to the new normal as we hunker down at home. Part of this scenario means balancing home life with working full-time from home. Tell me if this scene sounds familiar? Yesterday, my son came running into the room because he heard Robby, aka “Uncle Robby’s” voice.  He then jumped on my lap and proceeded to interrupt the presenter to wave to everyone and scream, UNCLE ROBBY!!!

 We at Light Networks, like everyone, have been working with our customers and friends to help them adjust to the challenges and opportunities of working from home.  The situation with our large contact center customers is, obviously, way more complex but it is still very manageable, using the right tools.  Since I know everyone has seen a blog or an email from various companies offering endless options for free software, I will spare you seeing another one.

A, perhaps unexpected, consequence of the pandemic is that contact centers are getting hammered due to spikes in the number of calls from customers or users. And, this influx of requests is happening in almost every industry.  Yesterday, my wife sat on hold for an unnamed service that offers both delivery and pick-up for groceries for over an hour.  This service, like for many families, has been a huge timesaver and great convenience for us. . Now, in today’s environment, it’s a necessary health measure for us to stay out of crowded stores.

As I was on that same video call balancing my 3-year-old on my lap, my wife said, “my hold time is now at 53 mins to get an update on my Monday pick-up order.”  Naturally, with about 10 mins to go before the agent picked up, the call dropped on her cell phone.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Unfortunately for my wife, this company wasn’t using one of the most essential features of their contact center software: call back assist. This is a pretty easy problem to fix for any contact center these days.  And, surprisingly, while many large call centers are expanding their licenses exponentially to handle the unexpected volume, there are still many who haven’t taken the time to invest in this vital feature.

I sent a note to the CTO for the pick-up and delivery service, letting him know that we can have a call back assist enabled for his centers quickly.

Do you think I’ll hear back?

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