Network Monitoring / WANinsight

Network Monitoring / WANinsight

Through the use of lightweight, real-time monitoring appliances our team can provide an end-to-end view of our customer’s network. We can run diagnostic tests, automatically, when poor performance is detected and pinpoint the locations and cause of the faults.  We can measure end user performance, functionality, and availability using a real web browser.  These tools allow us to ensure the network is fast and reliable, no matter what application it supports.

By understanding the network structure, our engineers can develop more efficient computer networks through routing optimization and decreasing packet loss.

Our SaaS Solution uses four integrated modules to gain deep visibility into where web app problems are occurring and why.

  • Code level application performance monitoring
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Application-aware traffic analysis
  • Network health and performance monitoring

These SaaS solutions give Development, Application and IT Operations teams broad, detailed performance data to see across their web, mobile, and cloud-delivered application environments and pinpoint tough performance bottlenecks.

WANinsight Datasheets

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