UCaaS Solutions – Essential For Your Remote Work Environment

UCaaS Solutions – Essential For Your Remote Work Environment

Posted on: June 10, 2021

Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based solution that provides flexibility for businesses of all sizes. While supporting a broad range of communication and collaboration applications, its capabilities are focused on solutions such as voice, audio, and video conferencing, plus instant messaging or chats. UCaaS has become the preferred business communications solution as it blends internet-based phones and messaging into a full-featured platform. It is especially imperative today with so many businesses allowing their teams to work remotely.  It provides employees the collaboration tools necessary to work anywhere. The platform helps to enhance productivity and offers ways to interact across several communications channels. UCaaS will give your company better solutions, greater flexibility, and quicker response times with this effective cloud-based solution.

What are some of the essential UCaaS functions?

At the heart of UCaaS communications platforms is voice. It provides all of the same phone services as premise-based platforms, including call forwarding, call recording, and advanced call routing. Voice continues to be an essential form of any unified communications strategy, and UCaaS aims to eliminate the common problems that companies face when it comes to keeping people connected. This solution helps combine everything you need to reach your employees and customers in the same environment.

Video and meeting solutions are additional channels layered in that are an essential part of unified communication conversations. It is becoming increasingly popular to include such solutions into your business plan with the sudden shift in companies working completely remote. UCaaS will bring video and meeting solutions into your company to make it easier to collaborate with employees while working from home. Certain platforms, specific as RingCentral, have allowed businesses to continue their daily tasks, weekly meetings, conferences, and team collaboration. The cloud ensures that your employees do not need to be in the same room to work on projects or attend meetings anymore. This solution includes collaboration tools that make it possible to share files, host conversations, and even launch presentations from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. 

In the current corporate environment, messaging is a fundamental mode of communication to continue your business’s success. Messaging can refer to anything from real-time conversations to texts. Employees need to stay connected no matter where they are working from. UCaaS is a solution that allows for this and does so more efficiently than in the workplace. You can use messaging to stay connected within your business, you can also use it to reach out to customers, and it is often the preferred way of communication with many people. UCaaS technology allows access to anything from social media chats, to voicemails, to instant messages.

Some benefits of Unified Communications.

UCaaS provides more value than existing phone systems and at a lower cost. Businesses can save on service contracts, real estate, utilities, and premium add-ons by switching to a unified communications platform. By utilizing UCaaS, you will no longer have to worry about paying extra for services such as audio conferencing, online meeting apps, text messages, and team messaging software, as it is all tied into one communication system.

Unified Communications is a strategic decision as it can address specific communication issues in new ways by delivering an integrated platform where all applications are in a unified environment. By creating multichannel sessions, employees can collaborate more effectively. With it being more important in today’s corporate world to have the ability to work from home, UCaaS will give you that flexibility to be productive while working remotely. Traditional phone systems do not provide employees with the flexibility that they need today. Using UCaaS allows for this without needing any special equipment, which leads to lower operating costs. 

Unified Communications as a Service will help companies of any size scale faster with minimal tech resources. You can expand your workforce and keep them connected no matter where they might be in the world. Team chat and file sharing applications enable employees to communicate between teams that operate in different locations effectively. In addition, it can help to increase your organizational agility. When both employees and teams are more productive, the organization will follow. It drives productivity and streamlines processes which ultimately leads to better business outcomes. 

Throughout this past year, Unified Communications has experienced a surge among businesses as public health restrictions have exposed the weaknesses of legacy phone systems. They are expensive to maintain and lack functionality for those needing to work remotely. This is why companies are moving to UCaaS to experience the perks that a traditional system cannot give. 

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