Telecom Vendor Management

Telecom Vendor Management Services

Typically, Voice, Data and Internet contracts expire every three years. As this occurs, companies are faced with the unenviable task of consolidating their current inventory and associated expenses, determining the current technical requirements to support the business, researching the market for any newly available services to meet their requirements, interviewing a short list of providers to develop a budget for the next contract, and finally negotiating contract terms with their chosen provider. Organizations with multiple locations are often faced with the difficult task of managing multiple carriers across their geographic locations for Voice, Data and Internet services. Carrier consolidation, coupled with an explosion in private fiber based carriers, has afforded customers with a unique opportunity to have carrier diversity down to the last mile for key locations within their enterprise.

Unlike most organizations that deal with this task every three years, Light Networks helps design, source, and project manage this entire process for our customers every day. Our methodology uses a proven process to guide our customers to make the best decision for each customer’s unique environment.

Light Networks’ engineering team pulls fiber maps to detail available fiber assets near to each location under consideration as the first step to determine which carriers that have the best footprint for the desired locations. Our engineering team uses best of breed tools to analyze utilization statistics, application performance, MOS scores, as well as, to inject real time traffic to ensure that the customers LAN/WAN is prepared for real time traffic. Light Networks’ engineers then assist in building QOS templates to ensure reliable application delivery. Our strategic sourcing team takes this information and solicits quotes from a variety of transport providers to benchmark pricing. Once a provider is selected, our procurement team assists in redlining the carrier contracts to gain the most favorable terms available for our clients. Lastly, once a contract is brokered by Light Networks, we assign a project coordinator to manage the whole roll out for our customers. The team, assembled by Light Networks, is there to support our customers from cradle to grave for the life of the contract. As MAC (Move, Add, Change) requests occur, our customers do not have to reeducate a new team or engineers or project coordinators about their current environment. This is part of Light Networks unique evergreen approach.


Windstream, AT&T, Verizon, XO, CenturyLink, Comcast, Zayo, TW Telecom, and over 100 total