Light Networks Services

Telecom Vendor Management

Most businesses lack sufficient controls and understanding necessary to manage their telecommunication expenses.  Many struggle to produce a simple dashboard view explaining what services they maintain and the monthly expenses associated with telecommunication services.  This is due to a complex and antiquated billing system, inappropriate software tools, and a lack of staffing levels and skill sets.

According to Gartner Inc, telecommunication expenses account for an average of 14% of a company’s IT operating budget.  Even a modest mitigation of monthly telecommunications expenses can produce a profound impact on net income.  Our Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) methodology uses a proven process to ensure our customers are maximizing their Telecom budget.

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Engineering Consulting/IT Services

From design to implementation, Light Networks engineers give you the connectivity you can depend on for local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), private MPLS access, and virtual private networks (VPN).

Our Engineering team members utilize their experience and expertise to assist our customers in any business challenge; from project planning, management, and implementation to IT staff augmentation, and to network emergency diagnosis and repair.

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Network Monitoring

Through the use of lightweight, real-time monitoring appliances our team can provide an end-to-end view of our customer’s network. We can run diagnostic tests, automatically, when poor performance is detected and pinpoint the locations and cause of the faults.  We can measure end user performance, functionality, and availability using a real web browser.  These tools allow us to ensure the network is fast and reliable, no matter what application it supports.

By understanding the network structure, our engineers can develop more efficient computer networks through routing optimization and decreasing packet loss.

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Cloud Services

Light Networks works with our customers to evaluate their current and future business objectives to assist them in developing decision criteria around which applications can be more effectively serviced from a cloud provider.

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The workforce today is a mobile one.  This year more than half of businesses plan to issue employees with mobile devices, making mobility management a priority.  Ease of access, security risks, and cost all must be considered.

The Light Networks Mobility Team can evaluate the IT mobility assets available and help businesses determine the right mobility strategy.

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Dark Fiber

Any organization with a number of locations in a given metro area should be investigating the potential use of Dark Fiber as the most cost effective means of architecting a high-speed network.

The depth, experience, and industry knowledge that the Light Networks team brings to bear is imperative when looking at the in-depth design and implementation skills required for Dark Fiber.

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Cloud Call Center

Light Networks’ team has worked with some of the largest contact centers in the United States for Fortune 500 customers and large government agencies using our proven methodology.

Our team spends time with contact center managers and agents in their environment to truly understand their day-to-day challenges.

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Light Networks understand the stress involved in any datacenter project and can help navigate that storm with you.

Our methodology for approaching a Datacenter project is based in understanding that as a customer you are entrusting someone with the heart of your business and what makes you successful, and also understanding how each of the datacenters that we use handle you as a customer and your infrastructure.

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