RingCentral Spotlight – Allowing Businesses To Work Together Seamlessly

RingCentral Spotlight – Allowing Businesses To Work Together Seamlessly

Posted on: June 17, 2021

Providing cloud-based communications, RingCentral offers several tools for businesses to utilize: voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing, and collaboration solutions. It allows for easy connectivity for your office, remote, and mobile employees under one phone system, regardless of their location. While conventional phone systems can be expensive, RingCentral is designed to be purchased, activated, set up, and managed online. This eliminates the need for complex hardware, lengthy installation, and technical expertise. However, you still get the functionality and flexibility to connect with customers without high costs or hardware hassle easily. With one predictable monthly fee, no contracts, and zero setup costs, RingCentral makes your business communication easy and affordable.

RingCentral as a UCaaS solution drives many businesses to success. The cloud-based solution provides all-in-one technologies for global expansion, contact centers, cloud phone systems, and remote work with its many benefits, from setting up your phone system to having one provider who manages your business communications. The benefits of RingCentral are desirable to many businesses in today’s workplace where working outside of the office has become more frequent and significant. 

Call Control.

With the ability to set up your phone system to work the way your company does, RingCentral can connect to your office, your remote employees, and those using mobile by using just one phone system. It allows you to support multiple locations and users, whether moving from one location to the other or adding new team members. Integrating with existing phones or mobile devices gives your company the flexibility to control your call center all within one platform. UCaaS solutions require the proper call control to be successful, and RingCentral can provide that to you.


Recent events have shown that mobility is a must-have feature for UCaaS. Businesses have been forced to shift their operations to the cloud, and easy collaboration is becoming more critical in the workforce. With easy file sharing and group discussion, RingCentral cooperates from any device in any location allowing your employees to remain productive wherever they are. 


RingCentral uses a simple, all-inclusive pricing model for an assured low monthly cost. Your business can reduce the ongoing operating expenses by utilizing the managed platform with unlimited minutes, meaning you never have to worry about overage charges. There is no complex hardware or on-site PBX that your business has to install or maintain as RingCentral takes care of managing the entire platform. 

Global Office.

This feature is a must-have for growing worldwide businesses, serving a vast number of countries. You can simplify your entire phone system management by connecting your workforce to the cloud. Not only can your team connect worldwide, but it allows for connectivity to your customers with various international toll-free numbers. 


Using HD quality, your company can stay connected without investing in additional meetings and collaboration tools. Features include those within video, audio, and web applications. RingCentral has recently added new functionalities with ongoing updates, including presenter overlay, virtual video backgrounds, breakout rooms, and picture-in-picture mode. 

Presenter overlay:

Allows speakers to move their video on a screen share

Virtual video backgrounds:

Allows participants to use the pre-selected for their own background images or video

Breakout rooms:

Give meeting owners the opportunities to split participants into smaller groups when attending large-scale meetings


Features let participants minimize the video meetings within the app, so they can view other windows, such as messaging

Among others, these benefits highlight why RingCentral has become increasingly popular, with the majority of the workforce adapting to changes within their business. Sustaining productivity is crucial for the success of your business, and RingCentral identifies as a platform that can help achieve this while keeping your company connected.

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