Outsource the Hassle, Not the Control

Outsource the Hassle, Not the Control

Posted on: March 18, 2021

The customer experience (CX) is critical for virtually every business. Contact centers play an enormous role in how your customers view your brand. Whether you are outsourcing or keeping everything in-house, these interactions are the yardstick your customers use to measure their satisfaction, shape their opinions, and establish (or destroy) their loyalty.

The idea of essentially handing over the keys to a third party is understandably unsettling. But in reality, you’re not handing over the keys at all; you’re just allowing someone else to handle the driving so you can focus on more essential things from the comfort of the passenger’s seat.

How can you maintain control while outsourcing? 

Control the Technology

Gone are the days that using a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider requires you to use their technology. Most outsource providers are happy to use your technology, leading to greater control and clarity for you. In hybrid environments with both in-house and outsourced agents, this approach is even more impactful. You retain complete visibility and ownership of your company’s data. Our mutual friends at Light Networks can help you make sure your technology is optimized for an outsourced or hybrid contact center.

Control the KPIs

Any experienced outsource contact center provider will execute your training program, run your processes, and measure how their agents perform based on your chosen KPIs. All of these things are ultimately under your control.  The right outsourced contact center partner will help you find improvement opportunities and work with you to implement them.

Pick the Right Partner

If you’re outsourcing less than 1,000 seats, your best bet is typically partnering with a mid-sized BPO. They tend to offer better performance and lower costs than their larger counterparts due to the BPO’s unique specialization. While it may seem complicated to find the right fit, Outsource Consultants have detailed information about 500+ BPO partners’ experience and discipline to help you find the right partner for your organization.

Don’t Be a Guinea Pig

An outsourced contact center works with programs to create a better experience for you and your customers. Maintaining control over your customer experience starts with an experienced partner that can hit the ground running. Having accurate, validated data on a center’s past and current projects is critical.

Have a Knowledgeable Advocate

Outsource Consultants, has partnered with Light Networks to guide you through the process of searching for and selecting your perfect-fit outsourced contact center. There’s no question that outsourcing works, but choosing the right BPO partner will determine the difference between just getting by and transcending expectations. We look at over 60 key attributes when building your shortlist of best-fit partners, and provide agnostic, expert advice to help you pick from the fully qualified shortlist. Let Outsource Consultants help you navigate the possibilities and make a plan that reduces the stress and time needed to achieve your goals.

Hand Off the Hassle

Outsourcing does mean relinquishing some control. Your outsource contact center bears the burden of cumbersome responsibilities like:

  • Recruiting, hiring, training, managing, and retaining agents
  • Handling HR obligations like payroll and benefits administration
  • Managing staffing levels with unpredictable or seasonally variable volumes
  • Maintaining facilities and IT infrastructure

These responsibilities are fundamental to their success as an organization, so they are committed to perfecting systems and strategies. Your efforts should also be focused on the systems and strategies fundamental to your organization’s success, not concerns about adequate staffing levels for seasonal shifts in call volume. Outsourcing some or all of your customer service allows all parties to focus entirely on what they do best and what’s most important to their success.

About Outsource Consultants

Outsource Consultants is a call center referral and advisory firm that helps companies find outsource call centers that are a perfect fit. Our experts have over 25 years of BPO and call center outsourcing industry experience and have vetted and screened over 500 top-performing nearshore, offshore, US-based, and at-home call centers. We lay the groundwork and perform research for companies to match them with the best outsource call center providers that meet their exact requirements. This adds value for companies by saving them time, reducing their costs, and ensuring they find a high-quality, top-performing outsource call center that best fits their needs.

We don’t recommend the top 10 BPO call centers; we find the hidden gems that aren’t otherwise on our clients’ radar. These call centers provide our clients with high-level performance, quality English-speaking agents, and highly competitive pricing – and we do it at no cost!

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