Mastering the Knowledge of Business – Expand the Intelligence of Your Call Centers

Mastering the Knowledge of Business – Expand the Intelligence of Your Call Centers

Posted on: April 8, 2021

We all strive to keep up the hardworking and intelligent persona of our company’s team when it comes to knowledge in the field. While you will find yourself with individuals who provide excellence and value to get the job done effectively and efficiently, there is no harm in digging a little deeper by adding additional professional technology team members as well. What do we mean by a professional technology team? Well, essentially, we’re talking about bots. But we aren’t here to tell you to take away the jobs of actual human beings and replace them with a team of robots. Top executives in all major corporations are lifelong students of the business. Is there something else out there that has this same knowledge? Yes. And we suggest that you take advantage of the artificial intelligence resources that are out there to enhance your company’s business model and have your core team members focus on what is most important. Artificial intelligence (AI) has a wide range of benefits and can significantly help your company by upgrading and improving your contact centers. 

What can artificial intelligence do for my contact call center?

Your call center agents may be working overtime to answer an influx of common questions that could easily be automated by taking advantage of AI. What comes to mind when you think of artificial intelligence being used for customer service? We’re thinking of chatbots. It’s becoming more common that an individual looking to get a question answered quickly without having to call in or deal with the dreaded hold times will look directly to the company’s website for a chat agent. While it seems more personal to have an actual human being on the other side of that computer monitor speaking with you directly, it can start to block up your resources and take away time from your team. Most questions coming in tend to be similar, and those that can send automatic replies and answers will allow them to handle more important tasks.

Besides taking the best care of your customers by responding to inquiries fast and efficiently, you want to be sure your customer service agents are able to work on additional tasks that are necessary to complete in order to uphold outstanding customer service. You can automate additional services through AI other than just your customer service chat agent. For example, some companies will allow AI to give automatic processes with voice biometrics. If you need a method to help validate a customer or a specific account, you can do so using artificial intelligence. This will free up time for your call center agent to give their full attention to other tasks. However, the goal is not to replace your agents but rather to enable them to provide excellent customer service as a whole. 

Have you ever been on a call with a customer service agent and they directed you to the wrong department? You find yourself in a continuous state of phone transfers to find out that the person you finally reached does not have the correct information or expertise to help you solve your problem. AI can help avoid these situations, which ultimately improves the way your customer service is viewed. It will help direct your customers more efficiently, both digitally and over a phone system.

Artificial intelligence can assist in your contact center by providing resources for analyzing large data sets. Most people don’t enjoy taking hours out of their day to go through multitudes of data research, and there isn’t always enough time to get everything done that you need to do to be the most successful. By utilizing AI’s data resources, you will give your company more time to concentrate on things that aren’t as automated. Something that may seem time-consuming for a human is a lot easier and quicker for a computer to handle – so why not take advantage of that?

AI also can monitor real-time interactions. This is especially beneficial for training, allowing for corrective actions to happen right then and there rather than waiting for additional feedback and training later on. With AI’s assistance to report on and record your call center agents’ performance, you can track what needs to be fixed and adjusted quickly rather than taking more time out of the day to review call logs and communications. 

It’s imperative to utilize every resource you can for customer service and successful business interactions. Don’t think of artificial intelligence as a replacement for your already successful team. It’s important to show these hardworking individuals how much value they bring to your team. You want them to learn and grow by expanding their intelligence to additional business opportunities. With the addition of AI, it can only help improve core focuses and free up time for your team to continue down the road of a customer service success story. 

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