Light Networks- Your future MSP!

Light Networks- Your future MSP!

Posted on: May 14, 2021

Let’s talk Managed Services, shall we? What does it entail, what might it include, and finally—how is it relevant to your business? A bevy of resources an MSP can provide and process automation they can employ to improve overall productivity. Working with an MSP can help you seamlessly transition to a more effective, more secure infrastructure. Some of these you might not even realize fall under the managed services umbrella. Here are a few questions common to those making a foray into managed services, and we tapped Light Networks MS expert David Stack too, shall we say, shed some light on the subject.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about what you do?

A: A lot of people think it’s a big hassle to make changes to their infrastructure, but part of what we do at Light Networks as MSPs is streamlining that transition process to make it a seamless and—when it comes down to it—a collaborative, positive business partnership. We do the heavy lifting and the logistics mapping and make it very easy to switch to services that allow them access to more effective technology, more storage space, and a better overall customer experience.

Q: Let’s talk more about the “partnership” aspect.

A: We function best when we are communicating regularly with the companies we partner with. We like to know what’s going on, the pain points, what we can address, and constantly exploring new technologies, so we’re always open to innovation, and we prioritize tracking and reporting. We like to have results on paper! We offer custom builds based on deep evaluation and data analysis, and that process is that much more valuable when there’s open feedback about the process. It helps us both improve. But more than that, at the end of the day, we work with people, and we always want to keep that at the forefront of our interactions. A good MSP will give you information on many different options. A great MSP will allow you to try out certain technologies and features they have access to before you have to commit to them, which is exactly what we do at Light Networks. This is made even stronger with a strong business relationship. The give-to-get approach is a win for us—we get further data and research about our technology—and a win for our customers because they’re matched with the best applications and features for them.

Q: How would you address companies that say, look, we already have adequate support—how can an MSP elevate my already-strong team?

A: I’d say, first of all, why stop at adequate? You could be using features, or offering your customers, that you don’t even realize. This is also where the data comes in handy. If you look at how your employees are spending their time, there are always areas that could increase productivity that you don’t even realize can be offloaded to an MSP. People are shocked when they see, from an evaluation, how many small pressures add up to the distribution of responsibilities within their teams. When you work with Light Networks, we have a person, or people, that you could call directly, and they will address your problems. It’s not like a big corporation with so-called 24-hour support, where you spend hours in wait lines and click-through menus. Any of my customers can pick up the phone and say, hey Dave, this is a problem. And I’m on it right away. That’s something a lot of companies just don’t offer.

Q: What questions do you encourage those seeking a new MSP to ask?

A: Always ask what technologies they have to offer, and always address your concerns. By being upfront and managing expectations, that relationship I mentioned, that partnership starts to form from the beginning. It is imperative to build trust right away because, at Light Networks, we are in the business of helping people. We enjoy taking on the challenge of creating custom solutions for our customers and finding new solutions as innovations are made. Each company has specific needs, specific issues they want to be resolved, and we want to get that done for them in the least disruptive, most effective way possible. 

Light Networks is a Managed Services Provider serving the southeastern United States and other areas. Considering hiring an MSP, or want to make a switch? Conduct your interview with one of our experts—like David!


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