The reasons to investigate a Datacenter/ colocation environment can be varied, but often fall into a small handful of categories:

  • Desire to allow your business to focus on its core competencies.
  • Desire to reduce the need for capital projects to build your own data center.
  • Desire a more predictable cash flow when it comes to IT spending.
  • Desire to pay for the ONLY the amount of data center space you need now instead of following the “build it and they will come” philosophy.

Light Networks understand the stress involved in any datacenter project and can help navigate that storm with you. Our methodology for approaching a Datacenter project is based in understanding that as a customer you are entrusting someone with the heart of your business and what makes you successful, and also understanding how each of the datacenters that we use handle you as a customer and your infrastructure. This knowledge gives us the ability to look from the outside in at the relationship and to continue to have an unbiased view at which providers’ best match your companies’ needs and the best way to implement within that datacenter.

Our engineering and project management team will be with you for the life of the relationship and can assist with everything from early stage engineering, implementation assists and management, as well as any MACD request. Our model of account management ensures that you always have a unified communication structure in place with us to ensure you do not have to waste your time building a new relationship with us.

Hosting limits your business risk

  • Keeps capital on hand for “rainy days”
  • Allows you to quickly and efficiently change plans
  • Guarantees you stay online
  • Implements your solution quickly
  • Places your focus back on growing your business
  • Gives you latitude to pursue new revenue-generating ventures


CenturyLink/ Savvis, QTS, Peak 10, Sungard, Telx, Windstream, ATT, Verizon, Equinix and Internap