Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

Any organization with a number of locations in a given metro area should be investigating the potential use of Dark Fiber as the most cost effective means of architecting a high-speed network. The depth, experience, and industry knowledge that the Light Networks team brings to bear is imperative when looking at the in-depth design and implementation skills required for Dark Fiber, Sunesys, Fiber Light, Zayo andĀ Fibernet Direct.

Light Networks has access to nationwide fiber asset maps for the majority of large and small fiber companies with assets in the ground. Through the use of this tool, combined with our expertise and experience, we are able to help customers narrow down the list of potential providers to allow them to focus on those capable of providing the lowest overall TCO.

As with any technology project there are many potential pitfalls. Our project management and engineering teams help our customers navigate these traditional pitfalls to accomplish a successful implementation.


Sunesys, Fiber Light, Zayo, Fibernet Direct, And more