Benefits of CCaaS

Benefits of CCaaS

Posted on: January 15, 2020

Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) shifts the components of traditional contact centers to the cloud. Rather than a company procuring and operating the various features involved in a contact center – such as IVR; email, text, and chat capabilities, and automatic call distribution – they instead subscribe to a plan with their desired features from an outside provider, and all services are hosted and delivered via the cloud. The provider is responsible for operating, managing, and upgrading the system. By shifting from managing their contact center in-house to a cloud and subscription-based contact center, companies receive numerous benefits.

An Integrated System 

CCaaS better connects customer service agents to the information that they need to serve their customers. Rather than referencing multiple systems to find relevant customer data, CCaaS combines it all into one place, allowing agents to better serve customers’ needs. On one screen, agents can see information such as a customers’ purchase and billing history, demographics, and past customer support received. Such an integrated system allows agents to respond to customers accordingly while also helping agents identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities that will increase company profits.

Data Analytics

CCaaS allows companies to analyze their contact center data in real-time. Many CCaaS providers are able to integrate and analyze customer interactions across the various channels within a contact center and present it in an easy-to-read report. Such data not only improves the customer experience, but it can also help identify agents who may need further support in certain areas. CCaaS-gathered data can help measure agent performance, define training needs, and, if needed, help identify ineffective agents who may not be right for the job.

Customer Service Capabilities 

CCaaS helps companies enhance customer experience. Because CCaaS is a subscription service, companies can easily add or drop services in response to customer preferences. With multiple channels all on one desktop, agents can easily switch to the channels that work best for addressing a customer’s queries and needs while the system gathers data on areas such as the customer’s preferred mode of communication, customer wait times, and high call volume times. The company can then use this data to further improve its customer service capabilities and adjust its resources as needed to offer a better customer experience.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Because CCaaS is managed in the cloud, companies can receive significant cost savings by switching to CCaaS. Traditional contact center models require companies to purchase servers and other hardware to operate the various components of their system, along with regular maintenance and upgrade costs. With CCaaS, the provider owns and manages the system, saving a company these costs. Since a company hasn’t had to invest in the hardware under CCaaS, they are not tied to specific features and capabilities. Rather, they can easily adjust their subscription as needed based on data to best meet customer needs—dropping the services that they don’t use, adding features they need, and saving money in the process.


Another important benefit of CCaaS is its reliability. Most premises-based contact centers consist of a variety of applications from multiple vendors to handle voice, chat, data reporting, post-call surveys, recording, etc.  When something goes wrong with the system, there is often downtime as companies troubleshoot a myriad vendor applications to determine where the issue might lie. With CCaaS, this downtime is significantly minimized, with many providers guaranteeing uptime at nearly 100% due to a more tightly integrated application stack. CCaaS providers house their application stacks data centers in various locations. This means if one geographical area experiences difficulties, services are not interrupted since they can be covered by a different location. This redundancy ensures reliable backup of the system and disaster recovery if needed, allowing companies to run their business as usual without needing to worry about their contact center shutting down.

All of the above benefits lend to smoother and more data-driven contact center operations that will enhance the customer experience. By switching to CCaaS, companies can provide a stronger customer experience, which promotes greater customer loyalty, and ultimately leads to increased company revenue.

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