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Contract Negotiation 101: What you need to know during the COVID-19 pandemic

Over recent weeks, many companies have scrambled to turn up communication and collaboration services to support Work From Home (WFH) mandates across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic caused panic, to say the least. We’re talking about more than just hoarding toilet paper. For businesses, the rush to deploy a remote workforce can result in the hasty execution of contracts.  

The terms and conditions for cloud and telephony services can be complicated and overwhelming for most people.  However, in times of stress, like a global pandemic, people often sprint towards a solution without reading all the fine print.  

Our latest whitepaper, “Contract Negotiation 101,” outlines the 7 most critical elements of any technology contract negotiation and how these elements affect your business. These elements include:

  • End of term and termination
  • Technology migration
  • Business downturn or divestiture
  • Chronic outage clauses
  • And more

Download the whitepaper today for insightful and important tips on how to best negotiate your technology contracts.