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  A Cloud for Your Future

According to a Gartner Group estimate, SaaS sales are growing at an average of 16% year over year since 2009 and are projected to increase to 10.7B in 2011. Gartner Group also estimates that SaaS applications, which accounted for a little more than 10% of the total enterprise software market last year, would represent at least 16% of worldwide software sales by 2014. This market growth is fueled by a rational desire for organizations to focus on their core competencies instead of focusing on delivering IT. Cloud based providers are rapidly expanding capabilities to support an ever-broadening suite of applications to support core business functions. Today, infrastructure applications such as: corporate email, IP Telephony, CRM and Storage are rapidly being out-tasked to the cloud.

Light Networks works with our customers to evaluate their current and future business objectives to assist them in developing decision criteria around which applications can be more effectively serviced from a cloud provider. Additionally, we can assist with the evaluation of service providers and ultimately contract negotiation to migrate services to the chosen provider.


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