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  Your Team Behind the Technology

As we endeavored to create this business it became obvious that there was a distinct lack of knowledge in the industry across the broad spectrum of information technology products and services provided by any single company.

Telecommunications representatives might have a solid understanding of the delivery mechanisms at their disposal, but rarely understand the equipment required to terminate these services. Likewise, the average sales representative for equipment has little understanding of the delivery mechanisms available to a customer via telecommunications providers. Typically, neither has a strong understanding of the actual applications in use in a given customer environment.

Ultimately, companies deploy fixed and wireless networks, telecommunications equipment, and applications to: better communicate internally and externally, to drive business value, to increase market share, to reduce cost, and to maintain customer loyalty.

Light Networks’ industry tenured team employs a holistic approach to IT services. This includes detailed knowledge of both the hardware and software deployed as well as the delivery methodologies available to bring applications to your customer base in the most efficient manner.

Today’s enterprise needs to constantly fine-tune their technology environments to improve and broaden their interactions with customers and suppliers while reducing cost and fostering revenue growth. Their problems rarely revolve around the lack of technology or solutions, but rather the lack of outside talent to assist in bringing all aspects together.

Light Networks’ business revolves around helping those staffs small and large continue to run their environments better by leveraging our expertise.


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